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3-Step Sparring (Sambo Matsogi) - for 9th to 7th kup

This is the basic sparring exercise among beginners from the 9th grade to the 6th grade.  This is an exercise for familiarisation of correct attack and defence techniques utilising hand parts against high, middle and low targets, whilst stepping backwards and forwards.

Pre-arranged routines

9th kup - 8th kup - 7th kup

2-Step Sparring (ibo Matsogi) - for 6th kup

The purpose of two step sparring is to acquire mixed techniques of hand and foot parts.  The attacker must use both the hand and foot alternatively and may use either the hand or foot first.

Pre-arranged routines

6th kup

1-Step Sparring (ilbo Matsogi) - for 5th kup to 1st degree

This is considered the most important one from the point of view that the utmost objective of Taekwon-do is to win the victory with just a single blow.  This is not only exercised at all levels but also in actual situations.
It is advisable for the student to apply all techniques exclusively,  including body shifting under various assumptions.  The secret of this sparring is to deliver a completely accurate, speedy and decisive blow at the opponent's vital spot at the right time with the right weapon while defending against the opponent's attack effectively.

Pre-arranged routines

5th kup - 4th kup - 3rd kup - 2nd & 1st kup

Foot Sparring (Bal Matsogi) - for 2nd degree


This is a symbolised form of sparring developed from the ancient Korean art of “Taek Kyonb” and “Soo Bak Gi” which mainly relied on the feet.  The significance of this sparring is to promote the kicking techniques required in Taekwon-Do.  Both attack and defence are performed with the foot, hand techniques are not allowed in this particular sparring.

Model Sparring (Mobum Matsogi) - for 3rd degree


The primary purpose of this sparring is to show the spectator the agility and skill of the demonstrator and the physical application of every single movement.  This is normally demonstrated in slow motion and then repeated at speed.

Pre-arranged Free or Traditional Sparring  (Yaksok Jayu Matsogi) - for Competitions / Demonstrations


This is simulated free sparring.  That is, the participants follow a prepared scenario that enables them to skilfully exhibit a wide variety of techniques without fear of injury. 


Pre-arranged free sparring is visually impressive and useful for introducing Taekwon-Do to an audience.  It is also an event at competitions.

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